Keys to a Low Key Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, Friends!

If there’s one thing we know it’s how to celebrate the everyday. Whether it be a regular Monday, or one with a national celebration, it’s our goal around here to make every celebration attainable!

That’s why for Labor Day we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a front yard BBQ! Who says you have contain your party to your backyard?

To start we found the perfect picnic blanket, thanks to the Vineyard Vines for Target team!


Tip: Speaking of Target we swing by the dollar spot every time we pop in the store. You never know when you’ll find adorable melamine plates and food sleeves that we tucked our bamboo flatware in to!


For the kids how perfect to tuck their sunglasses around their utensils, straw and napkin!

Tip: For little fingers it’s easy to create a grab-and-go pack with what they need included think fork, spoon, napkin, straw, etc.

Tip: When using paper straws we like to account two straws per person. We know they soften, but no one wants to miss out on the fun!


For food this easy vanilla pan cake decorated with berries (from Cinnamon Lane Events) paired with hotdogs and hamburgers couldn’t be more perfect! We love the pretzel bun sliders to take the celebration up a notch.

Coca-cola is perfect for every celebration in our opinions, but to add to the red, white and blue we couldn’t have picked a better beverage!

Add a bowl of berries for little fingers that love to snack, and of course a bottle of champs for those 21 and older, and you have the best party on the block!


What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate s holiday that lands on a Monday? We’d love for you to share below!

A BEARY Happy Birthday: Part 1

We love creating a custom experience for all of our clients, even the smallest of them. Sweet Barrett’s birthday was extra special since not only was he turning one, he is also the son of owner, Christina! With so many cute details packed into one party we thought a two part series would be best.

First up, the sketch! We believe cohesive branding is important across any event, so when Christina drew up the bear to center the design around we knew everything else would just fall in to place. Do you see what makes this one-of-a-kind sketch so special?

Custom Artwork: Christina Frederick

Custom Artwork: Christina Frederick

If you haven’t spotted it look at the bears left arm. “Happy Birthday Barrett Frederick.” Do you see it now? We also love that the bears right foot reads, “made with love by mom” and Christina’s name and year! With something this special we knew it had to be on everything! Cookies, macarons, the invitation, games, you name it!


Happy Independence Day

it’s a week of big celebration, food, fun and lots of sun! We couldn’t let the Fourth of July pass by without creating a little summer fun for you and yours! Whether it be. picnic on the lawn, or set at your kitchen table there are most definitely a few fun ways to bring the celebration to you!

A simple white linen is the perfect to puddle across the table or lay out on the lawn! We know kiddos love using the “big kid” things and adding a linen base + linen napkins you also have a couple of great pieces you can use for years to come. We also love the addition of melamine plates to act as a charger.

Tip: Melamine plates act as a great, sturdy base for little ones. Add a paper plate on top and you’ve minimized the mess!

A couple of buckets for forks, straws and staples that everyone needs is a great way to keep all of the small, floating pieces together and add a touch of fun to the table!

Don’t forget a sprinkle of fun! Poppers for everyone and cupcake picks make the perfect “confetti,” but we also think these picks are perfect in a hot dog!


We love a fun, easy and festive dessert! with pound cake (you don’t have to make it from scratch), whip cream and strawberries you are done! Add a spring of mint and a flag to make your dessert even more celebratory!


Houston Event Planner - Pink and Champagne Bridal Shower

When we told you that we had some fun events in our archives that we couldn't wait to share we weren't kidding! It's so fun being a Houston Event planner and for Wedding Wednesday we're excited to throw it back to this perfectly pink and champagne themed bridal shower! 

We wouldn't have been able to pull it all together without the linens from House of Hough, sweet treats from Buttercup and photos from Ashley Monogue! We had the best time utilizing our in-house green thumb for these fun florals with a pop of pink!

The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower Invitation.jpg
The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower.jpg

The bride to be was a champagne connoisseur so we paired three Mumm Napa Sparkling Champagne finishes with amazing treats from Buttercup

The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower - CHampagne Pariring.jpg

When we say that the menu was perfection we aren't lying. The fresh fruit paired with Mumm Napa Cuvee M was crisp, the orange cranberry tartlets paired with the Brut Rose were refreshing and the toasted walnut macarons with honey buttercream and brie filling paired (our mouths are watering typing this and if you had one yours would be also) with the Brut Prestige were to die for! 

The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower - Tartletts and Rose.jpg
The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower - Macarons.jpg

Of course no party is complete without cake and this pink ombre champagne cake with champagne pastry cream filling was most definitely the icing on top of this Houston bridal shower! It was such a big hit that the bride ordered this cake again for another occasion after her shower! 

The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower - champagne cake.jpg
The Helpful Host - Houston Event Planner - Bridal Shower - champagne cake menu.jpg

We wish we could go back to this perfectly pink day with the amazing creative teams and the sweet guests that were a part of this fun day! 

What do you think? Are you ready for wedding season to kick off and for fun bridal showers, luncheons and bachelorette parties? Let us know if you need help planning the perfect soiree for your guests! 

Pretzels, Potato Chips and Super Bowl 2018

The weekend is here! If you're like me you grew up on football. I have to admit that I'm not huge basketball or baseball fan, but football I can get behind. There is just something about a roaring stadium and the pace of the game that I can't say no to!

Of course pre-game, halftime and all of the timeouts are close to favorite parts of the game because of the food! While I am actually not quite a "foodie" (I am too picky of an eater, honestly) I do consider chocolate a food group. So, when Macaron by Patisse released their Super Bowl macarons I knew we had to feature them! 

The Helpful Host Houston EVent Planner Pretzel Macaron.jpeg
The Helpful Host Houston EVent Planner Potato CHip Macarons.jpeg

How fun are these potato chip chocolate and pretzel mustard macarons! Of course you can't forget the chocolate brownie footballs! I know what the touchdown of our party will be this year.

The Helpful Host Houston EVent Planner Super Bowl Party.JPG
Super Bowl Party The Helpful Host Houston Event Planner.JPG
Houston EVent Planner The Helpful Host Super Bowl Party.jpeg

What are you most looking forward to? Halftime with Justin, or is your favorite team vying for the title?

 xo Christina Leigh